Sam Smith Concert

Seeing Sam Smith in January inspired me so much man.

I couldn’t help but look up at that stage and wish I was up there too, whether it be performing along side him or just performing in a venue like that in general.

It reminded me how much I wanted to perform for audiences like that one day. It almost brings me to tears just imagining a room full of hundreds and hundreds of people singing along to words I wrote from the heart. It must be such an incredible feeling. I want my music to bring people together. I want groups of friends to go to my shows and have a memorable night together, just like my friends and I did when we went to his show.

That’s the dream man. I’ve been feeling really down about my music lately, and I’ve often found myself doubting if I’d ever even have the pleasure of accomplishing all those things. 

Although I suppose with anything worth pursuing, moments of doubt and fear like this tend to happen. But it’s just an obstacle – something to push past. It’s a test of sorts to prove how much you really want it. I’m not sure where this road will take me, but I might as well see how far I can go. 

You’ll never know how capable you are of achieving your dreams unless you actually try. You might surprise yourself!

- Brian