Why All-Nighters Should Be A Last a Resort


2 min read

Pulling all nighters seems to have become a badge of honor among fellow creatives and college students. Now, I'm all for pushing ourselves to the limit, and I really admire our collective willingness to sacrifice sleep in order to accomplish our goals. But are those two extra hours of work at 2am really going to do you any good?

Sure, a lot of times you're on a deadline. Circumstances change rapidly in the workplace all the time, and sometimes you absolutely need to get things done right away. In those cases, pulling an all nighter is definitely appropriate. Meeting deadlines, as students and professionals, should always be number one.

But if you have to choose between pulling an all nighter and getting a full night of rest, if you can, always choose sleep.

Because 1 hour of well rested work could equal up to 5 hours of sleep-deprived work, especially if you're a creative like me.

Being well rested means more good ideas. Being sleep deprived means more shitty ones. How can you expect to give your best when you're not working at your best?

So go ahead. Treat yo 'self. You've been working hard. Your body deserves a good night of sleep!