Bà Ngoai (A Short Film by Brandon Pham )

My friend Brandon Pham created this short film as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival. It took home some well deserved awards as well! 🤗

The film follows a grandson who grew apart from his grandma because of a language barrier. Once he finds out that his grandma is ill, he takes the initiative to learn his native language to strengthen his relationship with his grandma.

Watching it today really resonated me cause it brought me back to the language barrier I faced with my own grandmother growing up.

The film serves as a beautiful message and reminder not to take for granted the loved ones that you have in your life and to cherish time that you have with them right now. 🥺

Be sure to follow Brandon, his video/film work, and don’t forget to send him some love!

- Brian