F&B Mic Options

Here are three possible options I've put together for solving our audio issues that we've experienced when filming our whiteboard shots. Each option goes from most expensive to most affordable. Feel free to check out the amazon links below each option to research and help you make your decision! 


Professional Lav Mic      175.95

This lav mic looks to be a bit more higher end than the previous ones you purchased. Coming a little bit under twice the price as before, this may be a more durable and long lasting option. 

Boom Mic Combo             97.14

Using the mic we already have, we could buy these three accessories to turn it into a boom mic. The combo includes a boom pole, extension cable for the mic, and a wind muff to put over the mic which can be great for our outdoor shots. 


iPhone Lav Mic                 66.70

The cheapest of the three options would be simply use this Lav mic with your iPhone. It has over 300 reviews praising the audio quality, and it currently stands at 4 stars on Amazon.