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Please complete the form below to sign up to perform.
All acts must be family friendly and no more than 10 minutes or two pieces

Once the online list closes, all further sign ups are put on the waiting list. This means you may still have a chance to perform, however it’s not guaranteed.

On the night of the show, once the main list of online sign ups have performed, I will start going down the waiting list until it’s time to close the show for the night.

It’s common for the main list to finish early as most don’t use their full 10 minutes, and some sign ups end up not showing up all together! This gives plenty of extra time to get to any waiting list sign ups, but it’s still important to check in early to make the cut before we run out of time.

Waiting list order is determined by the time that you check in. The sooner you check in, the higher you will be on the list, and the higher the chances will be that you'll perform. So make sure to arrive early and check in!

Which open mic would you like to sign up for? * Sign ups for 5.25.19 at Sue's Gallery Cafe are WAITING LIST only*
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i.e. singing, stand up comedy, spoke word poem, dancing, etc.
i.e. number of mics, mic stands, plug-in for guitar, aux cord, etc.
Show us where we can find you online! Clips of your performance may be featured on our Instagram or Facebook Page so we'd love to tag you!
Clips of your performance may be featured on our Instagram or Facebook Page.